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bedloves | about our premium stonewashed linen

Linen was the first and the best source of material for bed sheets. Use of materials from flax plants predate the Egyptians, and linen remains very poplar today. Linen is a strong, hardworking fabric, which only improves with age. Expect these sheets to last at least twice as long as your standard cotton sheets!

Our linen flax is certified as originating from France, one of the world's best sources for Flax. There is a particular moist summer climate in France and Belgium that grows fine, strong and silky flax plants, with vibrant purple flowers.

flax linen bed sheets

why linen

Linen is a natural, highly textured material that when used as bed sheets or duvet covers, will make you feel fabulous from the moment you wake up.

Its the celulose from the flax stems that goes into the linen fabric. These fibres range from 2.5 to 15 cm long. It's their length that creates the strength of the linen. The fibres also absorb moisture quickly, which makes the material super comfortable in warmer weather.

Linen is our primary fabric of choice for duvet covers and pillow cases because it can look classic, or romantic, or modern in your bedroom with very little maintenance; particularly the stonewashed effect.

linen bed sheet production

The majority of the world's linen is now made in China or Eastern Europe. Boutique factories remain in Europe, but prices for linen produced there are elusive for the standard household. Our sheets are made in a factory in Quingdao,China and come with written recommendations from linen retailers around the world. Julian and the team are very experienced, honest and patient (with me!).

The factory's production was tested as recently as 2016 and consistently rated well for tests for colour fastness, shrinkage and pilling. 

Once made, our 100% French Flax Linen, in a plain weave is stone washed with smaller pumice stones from Turkey to achieve the well-known effect of a softer 'lived in' feel.

Linen quality is not discussed in thread count. It has thicker strands than cotton or bamboo, and a looser weave. This looser weave enables air to circulate and regulate heat retention.

However, when you buy linen on line, you probably will need to check their thickness by their weight per square metre (gsm). Most bed linen is between 160 and 200 gsm. The weight of our current linen range is 180 gsm.

care instructions

Linen is a strong durable fibre that with the right care will last several years, and only improve with age. We recommend a cool to warm (40 degrees) machine wash. Line drying in shade is best, but the occasional tumble dry on cool heat would be okay. Do not use bleach. You can iron linen, but with stone washed linen, the crumpled look is the desired effect. Dry cleanable.

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