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about bedloves

Life is busy.

How much time I get to 'dress' my bedroom in the morning is about as long as it took for you to read this sentence.

A beautiful, comfortable bedroom isn't rocket science. But it can be a little bit hit and miss; particularly if you are time poor like me. 

‘bedloves’ is a bedroom and accessories store in Fairlight NSW that uses honest product reviews, and features 'road tests' from friends, family and of course you, you beautiful customer. 

Let us help take the guesswork away, so you have one less thing to think of at the end of the day.

We are interested in what you say, so please, like us on Facebook, send an email, or signup for the newsletter for tips and subscriber-only specials.

Belinda from bedloves

PS. Don't have time to look at the product reviews? Here are a couple for you...