The Bedloves dream

The bedding label was created in 2016 with a single aim in mind - to help people feel fabulous when they wake up, every day.

But I ask you the question -  Will a nice set of sheets REALLY make you feel fabulous? If they felt nice and were aesthetically pleasing, maybe for a little while.

What if you knew that those sheets also helped those less fortunate, or reduced our impact on the world. I guarantee you those products - and your bedroom - will just feel that little bit more special.

Bedloves was born to create a balance in my life, inspire my children and to do good in the world. My Bedloves goals are;

  1. Be profitable without exploiting people
  2. Help those less fortunate
  3. Champion the idea of a simpler life
  4. Increase sustainability and shrink my overall footprint
  5. Live more in harmony with the universe and interact more with the world
Goals would be acheived by;
  1. Researching and identifying quality bedroom products that feel and look good. (So you don't need to buy as much, or as often, and you actually like what you buy!)
  2. Introducing sustainable practice in everything we do
  3. Championing a better model of enterprise than currently used by most large companies
  4. Supporting (quality) products that are Fair Trade Certified
  5. Helping individuals that aren't as lucky as me in some way
  6. I would tackle my guilt of consumerism and landfill head on by creating rag-bags from old bed sheets

You can read more about the organic Bamboo sheets and our French flax linen bed sheets and doona covers here.

We feature quality bedroom accessories from local artisans that rate high on the pamper scale. We also support products from Fair Trade communities.

You can completely transform the feel of your bedroom by purchasing simple and affordable quality pieces. Why can't you transform the world too?

Who do we work with?

My name is Belinda Lawler, and I am a business owner, wife and mother of two who likes to relax lazing in bed!

I would love to work anyone who sells or recommends high-quality bedroom textiles and have ideas that will help us contribute back to the universe.

Feel free to get in touch, or reference us on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  @realbedloves.

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