The bedloves dream

In 2016 I was in bed with the two kids, the hubby, the lego, the books and the cat was around somewhere when we jumped/crawled/rolled out of bed and started our jam packed day.

I quickly threw the pillows to the head of the bed, and the duvet cover across the middle.

Yes. How much time I get to 'dress' my bedroom is about as long as it took for you to read this sentence.

I stopped and looked at what should be the grand bedroom of a fabulous woman, wife, mother, career person, entrepreneur and all round good gal.

Instead I saw remnants of last seasons style, some tired pillow cases and 10 year old Ikea lamps.

This isn't who I am!

It shouldn't be hard to create a grown up bedroom sanctuary that is isn't afraid of communal sleep-ins, is timeless in its looks without botox, and doesn't cost the earth. Oh, and did I mention feels fantastic too?

Bedroom linen and accessories isn't rocket science. But it can be a little bit hit and miss; particularly if you are time poor like me and either buy linen online or the first thing in the right colour at the local bulky goods store.

Thats why I decided to create a bedroom and accessories store that uses honest product reviews, and features 'road tests' from friends and family (and of course you you beautiful reader).

I really want to be out and about with friends and family having a great time rather than ironing and cleaning. 'Domestic' and 'Goddess' to me don't go together.

Stone washed linen represents to me the universe in harmony (yes, its crumpled, but it is supposed to be).

Organic bamboo is soft and silky and a little bit (dare I say it) sexy??!!

And vintage finds are good to for the environment, man.

So please, like me on facebook, send me an email, or signup for the newsletter for tips on how to simplify and unify this madness we call the main bedroom. Lets get you some linen and accessories you deserve!

Here at bedloves, we aim to provide quality bedding, tried and tested, at a great online price.

Belinda from bedloves

PS. Don't have time to look at the product reviews? Here are a couple for you...


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