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5 steps clean your bedroom properly

January 15, 2017

The word ‘clean’ is synonymous for boring, chore, or mind-numbing torture. Let’s be honest! So this little guide is going to show you how to get through this chore as quickly and as painlessly as possible, but still get the best results.

Step 1: Tool Up

These aren't special tools, but you want to have them all on hand so you aren't traipsing dust through the house, or getting distracted by the TV, or couch, or fridge (you know what I mean!)

  • The vacuum. The vacuum is the foundation of most clean ups. If you have allergies it may be worth looking into getting a heapa vacuum or a vacuum endorsed by the asthma foundation. Similarly there are vacuums out there that cater for homes with pets, or girls with long hair. (My hair takes over the carpet in the bedroom, does anyone else have this problem, or am I singularly gross???)

  • Vacuum head attachments. Grab the floor head and the furniture head and the long narrow head for getting into those nooks and crannies. Of course, it you are working with the bare basics, the standard head and the pipe tube will work too.

  • Micro fibre or soft cloth or dusting cloth. Have you some old t-shirts (or if no one is around some old 'big undies' which will work just as well). Dry and clean to start with, but you will want to dampen it later so the dust doesn't circulate through the air.

  • Some q-tips, paint brushes, sugar soap if you plan to really get into it.

  • If you do have allergies, or if it's been a while, you may want to get a face mask (or the old faithful t-shirt rag cowboy style works just as well.)

  • Sugar soap, wall wipes, furniture polish if you use it and glass wipes. You may as well use some spit-and-polish whilst you are at it don't you think?

  • Stepladder to reach the high up places.

  • A basket or box for all of those little things that you find that really don't belong in the bedroom.

Step 2: Get Set

Cleaning is only effective if you can actually reach the dust or dirt. This part undoubtedly adds a little time to your chore, but saves knicking furniture or scratching walls, or missing dust, or giving up half way with frustration. I actually broke the bed and chipped the gyprock know wall last time I took a shortcut.

  • Make the bed. If you haven't already done so, make the bed to stop dust settling in between the sheets or on your favourite pillow. Use a drop sheet if you are overly concerned. I usually just throw my flat sheet over the top and wash the sheets after I’m finished.

  • Move your bed away from the walls. This needs to be just enough to get you and the vacuum in there. Really about 30 to 50 centimeters.

  • Take all items off surfaces such at tall boys or bedside tables. If you can't out this stuff away in an alternative place, put it on top of your bedroom. If they really belong elsewhere, put them in your found things box.

  • Move all smaller items of furniture away from the walls if there is no room, consider moving them into the hallway or on top of the bed.

  • Move all stored or discarded items from underneath the bed. Place these in an accessible place on top of the bed.

  • The wardrobe. If your wardrobe is like mine, you have fairly empty storage up the top that just loves to get dusty. You may also have some drawers to dust. Also consider getting everything from the bottom of the wardrobe and placing them on your (very full by now) bed.

Step 3: Get Dusting

The best way to dust is to start from the top and work your way around.  If we are talking about some serious dust here then I encourage you to catch a lot of it with an initial quick vacuum first. Remember the floor will be one of the last things to tackle, but you don't need mounds of dust in the air everywhere.

  • Look around the corners of the ceiling and vacuum some of the cobwebs.

  • Ceiling fan. If you have a ceiling fan you need to clean it fairly early on. Wrap one of the soft cloths right around the blade and extract whilst wrapped up to ensure you don't drop any dust over your bed whilst you are cleaning it.

  • Tops of windows and doors. If you have trim around the windows and you can't see on top, just give it a once over with the vacuum soft cloth anyway. Similarly, I am just amazed how much dust the top of my bedroom door collects. Go ahead and clean it. I'm sure you will be surprised too!

  • Top shelves, especially the top of freestanding wardrobes, book shelves, or in built in wardrobes.

  • Wall lights, light switches and sconces.

  • Window sills and any feature carvings on the bedroom doors. This is where the q-tips and paint brushes come in really handy.

  • As this point, stand back and have a look at the door jambs (the vertical wood around the doorway). Whilst not technically dusting, you will probably see marks from bags and hands and even the vacuum cleaner up and down the jamb. This is where I use the sugar soap, or for some reason, I find shower wipes really effective too.

  • The same is true for all mirrors and the inside of your windows. Now is a good time to do it whilst you have the tools on hand.

  • All low lying furniture such as side tables, drawers, bed heads, bedside tables and bedside table lamps.

  • Skirting boards (the trim between the walls and the floors). You may want to use your sugar soap here too.

  • Use a special head for the carpet inside the wardrobes and along the walls to get dust out of the corners.

  • Under the bed and all the carpet you can see. Take this opportunity to move furniture around. Even if you only move them 10 centimeters, you will find the vacuum works on getting dust from all of those previously hard to get places.

  • Finally, start replacing all items back into the wardrobe and other surfaces. Take this opportunity to dust objects as you put them back into place. If you have taken storage out from under your bed, this is a good time to clean the top of these as well, even. If it is only a vacuum.

  • Put your bed back into place and give the carpet one final once over.

Wash your sheets after a big clean up!

Step 4: Wrap it up

Firstly, grab a drink of water (or something harder if you fancy) and pat yourself on the back. Annual or semi-annual torture is a done for now! Not sure if it needs a Facebook Post, but you should celebrate anyway.

  • Pack away all of your tools, properly. There is nothing worse than tripping over the vacuum in the middle of the night a week later.

  • Move the basket of "found things" to another part of your home where these items are more likely to belong, and they can stay as a reminder for doing whilst you work in other rooms.

  • Put all washable items such as rags and the top sheet covering your bed in the wash.

  • There is always room for improvement. Perhaps not today, but sit back and think. Does the carpet need a steam clean? Could the walls or window sills do with another coat of paint? Do the mirrors and windows need more effort? Do the curtains need washing or the blinds cleaning?

Step 5: Enjoy!

Go to bed a little earlier or take an afternoon nap if you are so inclined and enjoy your sparkling clean inner sanctuary.

Do you have any tips on how to complete this inevitable chore?

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