bedloves to read | Hillbilly Elergy

bedloves to read | Hillbilly Elergy

The USA is having a personality crises and JD Vance confirms this. 

Written from first hand experience, Vance's memories support facts and figures about the purification of the rust belt in Ohio. He explains just how difficult it is to escape these dying towns and the class culture of USA.

It is written with deep love, but also drips with resentment towards his highly dysfunctional family who didn't teach him what 'cultured' people would take for granted, such as using cutlery outside in, and how to buy your first car.

This book particularly appealed to me because I love culture and people, but hate media hype and politics. If you are interested in the goings on in todays Trump led America, I recommend you read this book. And you can purchase my copy here.

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