Yellowstone with kids and bears

Yellowstone National Park spans the three states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana and stretches nearly 2.2 million acres. It’s home to elk, bison, moose, black bears, grizzly bears, deer, wolves, trout, pelicans, and swans.

All these are viewed with a magnificent backdrop of mountains, plains, geysers, lakes, and even a 'Grand Canyon'. In September this year, it was also home to four very noisy Aussies camping in a RV called 'Thor'.

Very quickly my expectations of day hikes in the wilderness was adjusted, with the kids not interested in walking anywhere that didn't have an ice-cream or hot chocolate at the end of it and the hubby wasn't interested in leaving the roadside or car parks because there were BEARS.

The most ironic thing about this was that when we finally saw a grizzly bear with cub, it was in the car park at Old Faithful Inn!

I was sitting in the cavernous grand hall when an old weathered soul (it was zero degrees and snowing and people were still fly fishing??!!) ran in almost delirious looking. He then started shouting "BEAR! BEAR!". I thought at first he was saying "FIRE FIRE!", but no. 

We all ran out onto the balcony - some in socks in the two inch snow. I was so excited, I (of course) forgot my camera and had to run back in to get it. So the photos are not so good unfortuantely.

Despite these setbacks, there are many boardwalks, mini trails, lakes, rivers, historic lodges and crazy photographers to inspire and awe you. The scenery is beautiful, the campsites comfy and the food - not too bad (well I was the main cook)!

But we are home now, and back at school, and have a mountain of bedding just for you ;).

And whilst the memories are fantastic, we are looking to make more next year.... when we visit Greece!