Whats so good about linen bed sheets?

OK people, quick history lesson on linen here...

Linen is the authentic thing, the original, and the very reason why we call sheets, towels etc 'linen'. Its been used since Ancient Egypt (yes really, over 3,000 years), and there is evidence of a similar fabric being used since the stone ages.

But just because its 'first' doesn't necessarily mean its the 'best' I hear you say. This is true.

So let's consider.

What makes quality linen?

Firstly, linen is a natural fibre. The fibre itself is 'hollow' and is woven less tightly than other material, such as cotton. This provides the material with the natural ability to insulate; to be warm in winter and cool in summer. (Yes those Egyptians knew what they were doing out there in the dessert!)

Odd, but seemingly true, Flax with blue flowers (as pictured above) produce the longer fibres. These longer fibres are what makes the material super strong. 

Bedloves sources its flax from an area in France that has just the right amount of sunshine and rain to make sure the flax grows particularly well.

The longer stronger fibres woven looser than cotton creates the unique effect we know as linen; very little chemical processing is needed to achieve the fabric.

Then, the more linen is used the more it becomes soft, supple and elegant; hence why 'stone washed' linen is considered a better option when thinking about luxury. The stones to a lot of the early work for you.