What mattress topper is best if I am hot?

When necessary, I buy quality products for the bedroom that seem to last a long time. (Linen quilt cover over 5 years, bedside tables about 12 years, you get the picture.)

The things we tend to go through more regularly (ie every 1-3 years) are the pillows, mattresses, mattress protectors and bottom sheets

Why? Two simple reasons really.

1 - My husband needs a soft bed, but I prefer a harder one.

2 - My husband gets cold at night. Whereas I am so hot, I could be used as a thermal electricity source.

I will save information regarding pillows etc for another time. 

What I really want to to tell you is that after 12 years with my partner and 5+ years of selling bedding, I think I have found the perfect topper for us.

I have found a topper that helps with the heat but isn’t too soft.

But first. How hot am I?

I am sooo hot....

  • I sweat through the pillow to the sheet below. My bottom sheet needs washing all the time.
  • My mattress topper gets a massive work out, and god forbid that we dont use one.
  • Sometimes in bed, I curse myself for going to bed with wet hair only to remember that I didn’t.
  • I don’t even put a doona in the doona cover, sleep with the window open and am only permitted to use the air con before my husband comes to bed. (He is sleeping in long sleeves by the way).

So that in mind I am delighted to tell you I have recently bought a reversible wool underlay mattress topper that is 1000GSM thick.

It is the perfect one for me. And my customers also like it.

Reversible Wool Underlay

The key here is not only does it ventilate and regulate air temperature, it helps stop you from sinking down into the softer mattress or pillowtop.

My lightbulb moment was at a dinner party. I am happy to be able to share with you real feedback from real people.

I was lamenting to a girlfriend about how hot I am at night (If you are not quite sure, read the bullet points above). She asked, "Do you have an expensive mattress with a pillowtop?"

And then it dawned on me.

Some mattresses have memory foam “pillow tops”. You know, they seem to have separate stitching about 5cm above the actual mattress.

These pillow tops tend to be hot as your body weight causes you to sink down amongst the memory foam and other soft material.

Some people do complain about memory foam toppers being too hot. That is why we have cool gel or graphite infused toppers.

And is it just me or do you sometimes feel like the bed is swallowing you up? That is the plush memory foam pillowtop working. (Remember I err on the side of a harder bed.)

By using this cotton/wool combination, the cotton acts like a support structure so your body doesn’t sink down as much amongst the foam. (No scientific evidence here – just 5 years’ experience of selling mattress toppers and listening to the feedback of real people).

This underlay also improves air circulation, particularly on warmer nights.

To cool yourself and your bed in summer, you turn the white japra cotton side face up. The wool below acts as ventilation path to wick away body heat and insulate against the heat of the mattress.

So, let’s get a bit technical and look at how it is made. You have the nice fluffy 100% wool on top 550gsm then there is 400gsm of wool filling (like a doona), and then lastly 50gsm of japra cotton.

This reversible wool underlay is 1000gsm thick.

That is quite a lot of ventilation, which is also why it tends to be soft enough not to disturb the partner who needs the soft bed.

You can get thinner versions (Reversible Wool Underlay 300gsm) of this product, which are still good and cheaper, but will just have less ‘effect’.

In winter, simply turn the wool site up and be warm and toasty by having your body heat retained.

Hot in summer; cold in winter (hubby cold in winter, I’m always hot) problem solved.

Most people know wool is a great natural fibre that does this – that is why we will often pay premium for woollen garments.

So why not have a natural product for your bed too?

In case you were wondering, it is sewn with diamond stitching to keep the woollen fill in place and a wrap-around fitted skirt keeps this topper in place.

This easy-care mattress topper is hand or gentle machine washable. With a 12-month warranty, I’m really happy to recommend this topper.