What is the little black dress of bedding?

Many many moons ago, I was super impressed when a fashion magazine mentioned that you knew you had 'made it' as a woman if you had a little black dress (LBD) in the cupboard for the last minute ball or cocktail party invite. Its the quiet confidence you can feel knowing that the single LBD will perform to the required standard again and again.

This got us wondering. What is the LBD of the bedding world? If you were to invest in a single set of bed sheets, what should it be? How do I know I've 'made it' as a home owner??

Well according to Brides.com, French linen or Egyptian cotton sheets are the go to for any gift registry for the lucky couple setting up a home. They aren't really fussed on make or manufacture, but they do know it is best to trust a more expensive brand. We tend to agree here, you would be safer buying from trusted brands. But what to buy?

Australian Vogue were not really about the 'long time' investment, but more the 'now in trend'. Still, cotton, linen and velvet - natural materials -  were a repeating theme.

The home decor's bible, Homes to Love, starts to delve into how to tell the great from the not so great. They love French and Belgium Flax Linen; and the origin of the material is more important than country of manufacture. Something we would have to agree with. 

But for us, Real Simple got down to the nitty gritty know how we wanted. They talk about weave and thread count, and differentiation of cotton. (Yes, there is cotton, and then there is cotton; make sure it says 100% Egyptian cotton was our take out).

So what is the LBD of bed sheets? Well, its about the quality of the fabric - linen or cotton - which is usually determined by its origin. From here it is buying from a brand you can trust, and knowing that you will probably be making an investment as the real deal is more expensive than a synthetic blend.

But more importantly, its about what your preference is. Its about knowing who you are, what will suit your sleeping habits, and how you will use it. You will be able to buy knowing you are getting value for money because, with care, you will be able to use those sheets with the confidence that they will perform to your standards. Again and again.