The 2018 interior design colour of the year is.....

I love this time of year. Its not for the crowds and the must attend functions, but for the chance to reflect on what was, and what could be.

You can't think clearly until you pause, slow down, and rest your senses.

The other reason I love this time of year is the "Pantone colour of the year prediction". Pantone like to inspire and observe where the collective world is now. They represent our hopes dreams and values of society by colour.

Never has the hope of so many of us rested on the shoulders of such simple pigments and hues!

So this year we are deep, royal, spiritual purple of the night sky.

Reflecting on this, I think society continues to question spirituality (last year we did so through nature).

The colour exposes a deeper, sombre kind of mood that reflects all of the worlds troubles that just won't go away.

Will you see bedsheets this colour? No doubt. But not from bedloves. We believe that the bedroom should be without worry, or a deity of colour. Neutral colours make it easy to sleep at night, despite the worlds cares.

Happy holidays.