Roadtest series – The Environmentally Friendly Pillow

Why these pillows?

I wanted to add some environmentally friendly, Australian made and owned bedding that is also value for money and just plain useful into the bedloves offer.

The main problem with pillows – from a business perspective - is the cost of shipping. Sending pillows by post is so damn tricky! Yep. Size does matter.

But lucky for me, and for you, of course, dear reader, I found some pillows I liked the theory of, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Roadtest

The whole family were conscripted for this test approximately 12 months ago (yes, we have and will continue to put our lives on the line in the name of knowledge!)

We started off with a couple of Corn pillows for the kids, (that’s the pillow with the double green boxed edge in the photo), and a PET pillow (single edge) and Corn Pillow each for the darling husband and I.

We were coming off some expensive pillows ($95 per pillow) from the local Adairs I had bought a couple of years ago. They were a lot heavier and less springy.

Is it just me or does all synthetic pillow stuffing feel springy? The Eco PET Bottle Pillow should perform the same as other microfiber pillows.

I adjusted our pillows down to about the same height as the old pillows. In particular, my youngest was still using a child pillow, so I adjusted hers down to about 5 cm in height.

So, after 12 months, the stuffing has settled and needs to be re-fluffed. In hindsight, I probably took too much of the fill out of all of them (I should have factored in some settlement, not adjust the height off the older settled pillows!).

Keep in mind that there is a zipper on the side, and these things can be adjusted at any time, so really what am I complaining about?!

Last month, I offered all the testers a new pillow (basically the eco pillow just turns up in a pillow cover on their beds along with the others) with all of the stuffing remaining in it.

All four of us have kept the old pillows. My husband, who likes A LOT of pillows, is using all of them. At once. I know.

The kids are still happy (but let’s face it. Unless there is ice-cream on the floor, they rarely aren’t happy). I’m still happy. The husband, who isn’t ever one to provide opinion on something like homewares, is silently participating.

A good result all round.

Timelessness– 10/10

No, just kidding. There is no trendiness or timelessness factor in a pillow. If you think there is, I recommend you get a hobby.

However, I will bet you $10 that you will still be using one in 30 years. Let’s hope it’s not the same one!

So, the fact that I am confident we will all be using a pillow until the day we die, I choose full marks for timelessness.

Construction / Durability – 9/10

I can’t fault the construction of these pillows. The outer material is a plush 100% sateen cotton with a boxed edge. The stitching is still as good on the first day of testing.

Each pillow comes with maximum firmness, and it is up to the individual to open the side zip and remove stuffing according to their own needs. The filling is a consistent texture and clean.

Keep in mind an average pillow should be changed every 18 months due to dust mite, rogue drool and other err liquids. After 12 months we needed to adjust the stuffing, as I took too much out to start. These pillows will last at least 18 months. 

Allergies – 10/10

The Corn and PET Bottle pillows are both fibres that are naturally hypoallergenic, anti‐bacterial and odourless.

Heat and Cold – 8/10

According to the manufacturer, the Corn Pillow offers excellent temperature regulation. The PET bottle pillow does not comment.

During road-testing, we had a couple of hot summer nights. I can’t say I woke up thinking gee; my head is really hot!

Environmentally Friendly – 8/10

Using a technology that converts unwanted PET bottles to such a common household product gets a 10 out of 10 from me. Each PET bottle pillow uses 35 bottles of completely recycled materials.

The Corn Pillow Filling is 100% compostable and biodegradable.

The outer material and zip are not claimed to be environmentally friendly.

The manufacturer claims the Corn Pillow uses 60% fewer fossil fuels than other synthetic pillows.

To protect the pillows while shipping, both pillows are wrapped in an EPI degradable plastic by the manufacturer (with a paper label).

We then ship them to you in an environmentally friendly plastic satchel, that has a second adhesive so that someone can use it again.

What do you do with extra stuffing?

Overall score –  45/50 or 90%

The Eco Pillows are excellent products despite being a little pricey (due to shipping costs) compared to synthetic pillows in K-Mart or similar.  Benefits are quality of construction, its environmental friendliness, its ability to adjust and re-adjust the firmness and texture, and it gets delivered right to your door.

The main detractors are that it is similar to a microfibre product, and my tip would be to overstuff if in any doubt, as the filling will settle.

I think its eco pillows from now on for the bedloves family, which is about as good a recommendation as you can get!