meet the little manly candle co

Little Manly Candle Co was founded in 2011 by Dominique, who had an overwhelming desire to complete something creative, that was elegant and luxurious, but also understated and celebrated the simple things in life.

The candles help her to remember the sounds and smells of Manly. "Its the sounds and smells of Manly that my son and I talk about often. We became more aware of our surroundings after my father lost his sight." she explains.

Dominique is 'Manly born and bred' and carries the distinctive nature of someone who loves the casual beach lifestyle and thrives being out and about in all that Manly offers. 

I meet Dominique at Fusion Point Cafe, on a rainy Friday afternoon. I am a little frazzled and damp, but her eyes are laughing, her face is tanned, and her manner is open and relaxed; even when I have to leave our meeting mid coffee to take my three year old to the bathroom.

Dominique uses her own candles in almost every room, but mostly in her bedroom. Her bedroom is relaxed, with a sitting area where she spends time reading all types of material from medical journals to running magazines. A chair sits in a small alcove with a luxurious rug that covers most of the bedroom floor. The side table sits with a reading lamp, books and candles with family photos and overlooks the courtyard. "This is one area where I feel I can escape the stresses of life and immerse myself in what I’m reading."

A scientist in a former career, it is probably her exacting nature that lends itself to the detail she puts into her candle design.  She already has plans for a new collection she is currently designing. And she is gearing up for the Christmas rush. 

Her collections are based on carefully selected scents and are offered in small, medium and large sizes. Her favourite scent at the moment is the Blackcurrent & Plum as it "reminds me of the earthy Norfolk Pines and ocean breeze late in the afternoon sun."

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For additional scents and the opportunity to refill, contact Dominique on her website