Introducing Angel Aromatics Linen Spray

Linen sprays leave a refreshing scent when sprayed on your sheets or on your ironing.

The sweet floral tones of Lavender soothe and calm you as you drift off to sleep,

Be refreshed and uplifted by the Lemon Citrus.

Or lay back and wonder about the 'signature' and very 'secret' ingredients of the Annan scent.

For the month of November and while stocks last, we are giving a free bottle of linen spray to those who purchase from our Linen Collection. Decide which fragrance you would like here. And use the discount code " LinenSpray " at checkout.

Perfect holiday gift, or keep it for yourself!

These sprays are made in Balmain, Australia and only use the finest quality fragrances and essential oils, sourced locally where possible. They are Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly and Not Tested on Animals. Angel Aromatics have refined their blending formula over the past 25 years, which means their products will not go 'off' like home made, organic or cheaper sprays.

Approximately  800 sprays per bottle. Spray approximately 30cms away from your item and enjoy!