6 ways to improve your sleep in 10 minutes per week

Even if you have never suffered an allergy in your life, have the constitution of a yogi or the eternally healthy glow of Michelle Bridges; if you keep your bedroom clean and dust free, you will sleep better.

If you promise yourself to do the following every week, and in no more time than 10 minutes. I promise you that you will notice the difference!

  1. Put away all shoes, clothes, and other ‘things’. If you have allergies, consider keeping your shoes elsewhere in the house.
  2. Make bed (like properly, you know?)
  3. Dust window sills, window frames, furniture, doors if applicable with a damp, clean cloth (recycled sheets??!!). Make sure you clean the tops of lamps and light bulbs too.
  4. Throw open the curtains and open the window. Close after an hour or longer if you like.
  5. Give your room a vacuum, including as much under the bed and in the cupboards as possible
  6. Try to deter your adorable cats and dogs lounging around in the bedrooms, in the bed, particularly when you are out.

So that's all. Of course, if its been a while since the vacuum has visited, it may take you a little bit of time to 'catch up' in terms of cleaning. But if you continue to do the chores weekly and in no more than 10 minutes, it becomes easier and faster, and better for you. I promise!