How to make a million dollar bedroom for under $100 bucks.

Want some much-needed style in your bedroom? Live in a rental, not sure where to start, suffer 'white on white' paralysis, or live the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget?

Well, read on, because I can tell you how to make your bedroom look stylish - like a million dollars for under, or very near to, $100 bucks.

FACT: The single biggest focal point is your bed.

Yes, I'm stating the bloody obvious. However, the design of your room needs to start with its main purpose. If we can fix the problem with the bed, then your bedroom (and maybe even you) will feel like a million dollars.

Problem 1 solved - The bed is too lumpy, lost its support, moves around a LOT.

You get seasick with the motion of you and your partner. Or if you need visits to the chiropractor. Consider buying yourself a mattress protector for $100 or less instead of sinking a couple of thousand in a new bed (read my reviews, people do this!). There are several here that are around or under $100.

I recommend the 7-zone memory foam if you feel pressure points or the (pricier, but very popular) latex if you are looking for added support. 

As Coco Chanel once said, “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” 

Problem 2 solved - The bed is too small.

This is a problem for those who live in older houses or new apartments - both tend to have smaller main bedrooms. 

The trick here - act like your bed is bigger, and eventually, it might feel like it is.

2.1 - Tidy up

Make sure that your bed isn't competing with other furniture (or junk) for space including circulation space. After all, the primary purpose of one's bedroom is to sleep. 

2.2 - Consider taller, thinner bedside tables that are placed slightly away from the bed.

Thinner taller bedside tables will not only give you more floor space; by placing them away from the bed, you get the bonus of greater circulation space when you roll, (hopefully not off the bed).

Floating shelves above and beside the bed, lamps attached to the wall rather on top of furniture also helps here. And remember, non-matchy-matchy can create interest.

2.3 - Consider a headboard, if your room is big enough.

A headboard gives the illusion that your bed is taller and wider than it really is, and provides proportion and interest against what might be a blank wall.

2.4 - Use 'tall' or European pillows.

This is probably my strongest recommendation. Use European Pillows ($40 pair) (65cmx65cm) for the same effect as a headboard, without sacrificing the 10 centimetres at the end of your bed.

The Euro pillow sits on the bed, giving you those precious extra centimetres.

They also are a no brainer when you are looking to infuse some style, see point 3.3 below). Our Europ Pillowslip covers are here for $50 and sometimes here as an accessory pillow.

2.5 - Consider getting larger sized bed linen. 

Yes, you may have a double bed, and you may want a fitted sheet in a double size, but your top sheet and doona can be bigger. 

Having larger bedding on top gives you more flexibility to move around at night without being accused of stealing the sheets, even if it doesn't actually give you the added real estate. 

The larger top sheet, (or doona, or coverlet, or even bed throw) is that it will drape over your bed, down the sides of your bed and onto the floor. This gives the eye something to follow and tricks the mind into thinking the bed is bigger than it really is.

The size of the bed in the image attached is actually a double. Doesn't it look grander than that? That is mainly due to the drape of the cover.

We sell lots of separates for people like you. A simple white linen flat sheets can be found here. Doonas for under $100 are here, and they can be paired up with doona covers too.

Problem 3 - You want 'style' but don't (really) want to think about it.

Aussies are a nation of white, cream and grey 'neutral' colour lovers. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. However, it does lead to some pretty boring colour schemes. Yawn.

So - DON'T think about it. Just follow these three points here and I will wake you when we are finished.

3.1 - Keep the bedding that you have, unless you haven't changed it in a while.

Here is a tip - especially for those clinging onto 'old faithfuls'. Style isn't just about looks, it can be about feeling and smell.

Bedding, if it is yellow, or smells through clean sheets, is ready to go to a better place - first the wash, and then if that hasn't worked, the bin. If you aren't convinced, read about pillows here.

If you are one of the guilty, I won't tell anyone. But I guarantee you, change this problem and you will feel a million dollars after you refresh your bedding stock.

Check here for 4 pillows for under $60 or an Australian merino king size doona for under $100. Or maybe you just want some linen refresher. Check here.

3.2 - Swap out parts of old sheet sets for something a little newer, and maybe even a contrasting colour.

Don't try to match that worn out bed sheet set. Instead, opt for contrasting/complementing separates to improve the look of your bed.

Why? Buying a colour or 'non-neutral' something like pillowslips isn't nearly as risky or as expensive as purchasing a whole set of sheets. you can experiment, and if you really like it, you can buy the lot next time.

I personally have just purchased a dark grey cotton sheet set for $79.95 to go with my white French Linen doona cover. I now have white pillowcases and grey pillowcases in two different textures (cotton and linen).

If you are like me and use a top sheet and bottom sheet, make sure you make the bed with the flat (top) sheet upside down, then when you turn your sheet over the cover, you get its best side. (It also creates a horizontal line, which can trick the eye into thinking the bed is wider than it is - see problem 2 above.)

If you are part of the other camp and only use a bottom sheet, this idea is even easier, and contrasting works well if you have a smaller doona or turn the top side of the doona down. 

Often it is the bottom sheet that wears out first, so I have some no-frills dark grey sheets here that could hit the contrasting sheet need, and they are under $35.

3.3 - Update or add bed accessories (that are useful too).

Wait! Don't let me lose you. I am concerned about the environment too and do not recommend accessorising for the hell of it. I limit my accessories to either bed throws or extra pillows. Both are practical as well as ornamental.

For no change stalwarts  - Add standard pillows to a total of 4-5. A double bed should have at least 4 pillows. Use with spare pillow covers that you already have in your cupboard on them. Pillows under $65 here.

Buy those and you qualify for our shipping special of pillowcases for $35 a pair (total $100, you get emailed a special coupon to discount pillowcases once you have bought the pillows.)

For nervous nelliesAdd standard pillows AND add different textures (a fancy way of saying material) but in colours similar to what you already have. Check out our linen pillowcases here in white and grey. Check out the blog image to see what I mean.

For those ready for change - Add different shapes/sized pillows in similar, complementary or contrasting colours and different textures. Adding European pillows here are your easiest bet. Set of 2 pillows are under $40 here, and their covers are here for under $50 and sometimes here.


In Australia, we like to do things simply. We like to not make such a fuss, and we like a spade to be called a spade.

But, dear readers, that time has changed. Its time to dabble - although gently, bravely and (dare we say it) cheaply into more cultured times.

It is definitely worth the 10 minutes of your time to purchase $100 of bedding to contribute to your new million dollar look. Every time you go to bed, you will be happy with your little adventure into the wide world of bedroom styling. 

Image source: Sheridan