How to love your bedroom in the month of October

A 12 part series on what to do to keep your bedroom in tip top shape all year...

October in Australia is public holidays, the beginning of Daylight Saving (for states lucky enough to have it) and warmer weather. It is when the bedroom becomes a beautiful, light filled sanctuary, rather than the warm snug over winter.



Halloween on the 31st of October is the perfect excuse for re-purposing and throwing out old sheets and bed linen. Repurpose old blankets by going fancy dress as a Mexican, or as a cowboy. But also, consider classic fancy dress sheet outfits such as

It is also a particular pleasure to start creating plans for summer!



Things to do in October include:

  • get your winter duvet cleaned and stored.
  • put away the kids' fleece sheets (and yours if you have them) 
  • consider lightening up the bedroom colour scheme, and adding newer lighter weight linen
  • purchase some linen spray or fresh floral scented candles to freshen up the mood
  • have your air conditioners checked, serviced or replaced before the heat kicks in and you have to wait for service

Image source: Real Living Magazine