How do you know bamboo sheets are organic?

The internet world is awash with those calling any old thing "Organic", and "100% Bamboo". It is difficult for a good person such as yourself to ensure what you are buying, is in fact environmentally friendly.

We are really pleased to be working in conjunction with our Bamboo Bed Linen supplier. 

Firstly, they have ensured the sheets are organic. That is, they come from OCIA International Organic Certification and ECOCERT Certificate of Organic Operation which confirms the bamboo used for production are wild crops organically grown.

Then, production must come with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate which means that they use a lower amount of chemicals in production than the current internationally accepted standards.

And finally, if thats not enough to convince you, they are certified by the Aussie CSIRO to guarantee they are, in fact, made from 100% bamboo.

So now all you need to know is where to buy them, and that easy too.... right here

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