22 of the best homewares and interior design stores in Manly

Bedloves' Manly walking tour of homewares stores

Manly isn't just home to beaches and restaurants. There is a thriving, diverse fashion and interiors design scene here that I'm personally really proud to be a part of. You could be surprised at what unique treasures you can pick up.

The following list is set up as a little walking tour of the most notable stores in and around Manly if you have a spare weekend afternoon.

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1. Nordic Fusion Manly

1/2 Wentworth Street, Manly 

In the heart of Manly, not far from the Wharf. If you’re a lover of Scandinavian homewares, then this is the place for you. Nordic Fusion in Manly offers fabrics, cushions, and floor rugs from Marimekko, Pappelina, and Klippan, as well as throws for the bedroom. I have been coming and drooling over their bold and happy patterns for years. I haven't bought any kippers yet!

They breathe the vibe of Manly with their bright and happy patterns, with just a little bit of quirk thrown in.

2. Edna and Albert

Shop 7, Rialto Square, Manly

Delightful mother and daughter team who have opened a (relatively) new shop in this cosy courtyard. While this store predominantly concentrates on ladies fashion, there are cushions, throws, poofes (their spelling, not mine), candles and other homeware goodies here. 

I would sum up their style as a little bohemian with a twist, and a little inner city cool… Worth a look I say.

3. Mr and Mrs Smith

Shop 5, Rialto Square, Manly

A beautiful fashion retailer who has branched out into homewares. Mr and Mrs Smith have very cool brands, and are not shy about adding an ambitiously diverse amount of homewares and tableware in their store; from books to table cloths and soap dishes. I would sum up their style as urban cool.

4. Nelli and Mo

46 North Steyne, Manly

On the beachfront of Manly, which is a very luxurious place to sell homewares! I think first and foremost this store is for ladies fashion. But you will find all sorts of accessories, gifts, cushions, candles and other goodies in this pandora's box (and yes, a great view of the beach!).

5. Eco Downunder

12-16 Sydney Road, Manly

Right. Why would I put 'the competition' in my blog? Well, this is a blog for YOU, and they specialise in cotton, not linen and bamboo. And, let’s face it, it's a great brand! Do go check them out.

6. Lifeline Manly

46 Sydney Road, Manly

If you are new to Manly and how do I say this delicately...  A cheap-arse language student or backpacker (you know who you are and I say welcome! because I probably did it to your country once upon a time). Then definitely pop into the Lifeline second-hand store.

Only about ten years ago Manly was a little heavy on the grunge factor, and there used to be a large number of second-hand furniture shops all throughout the beaches. Gone are those days. But habits die hard, and now the kids and I pop into the Lifeline store when we have a spare Sunday arvo down in Manly. 

Manly’s donations are always surprising! Anyway, it has a great second-hand linen section down the back near the windows. You can, on a good, day pick up some quality curtains, cushion covers, sheets, etc

(Note, for those truly on a budget, you may want to also pop into the Salvo’s store next to the post office at 13/22 Central Ave, Manly (No 7.) where there is always some second-hand furniture. The St Vincent de Paul shop at Unit 5 2-10 Pittwater Rd, Manly (No 8.) is worth a look for smaller pieces. Aldi at the Wharf also get some good specials that are not pre-loved (No 9.)

10. Home and Wardrobe

39 Sydney Road, Manly

mmm. People, this shop was closed last time I went past. So the question is will it be popping up somewhere else in Manly, as many a store is known to do in this neighbourhood? Stay tuned here.

11. The Modern Furniture Store

5-7 Raglan Street, Manly 

The Modern is the epitome of clean Scandinavian designs and focuses on smaller sized furniture which is perfect to fit into the smaller homes in Manly. Their most favourite products are the Bentwood Arm Chair, Modern Oak Dining Table, and Writer’s Desk. The Modern also has a partnership with Marimekko and carries their most up to date designs.

Probably my favourites are the rugs and throws, which I would love to buy - I will just have to wait until everyone in the home is grown up a little if I want the pieces to last longer than 12 months. They also have some very very comfy arm chairs

12. Home etc.

22 Pittwater Road, Manly

I love this place! I need to ban myself from coming here. The style here would be considered more traditional beach cottage if I had to label it. Conservative 'beaches', but not run of the mill 'this way to beach' signs type.

Their website says they feature homewares, furniture, and art. But you can get anything from mirrors to baby gifts to a cheese knife. Smaller homeware finds abound if you are looking for a housewarming gift or a feature piece for your home.

I am looking at my last purchase now; the outdoor arched window mirror that weighs 18kg and is 1metre x 2 metres high. People who know me know I'm into mirrors, not looking at myself per say, but the light that they bounce around. It’s a long story, perhaps for another blog. 

(We have supplied a website for you, but maybe check out their Instagram instead)

13. Whitehouse Flowers

35 Pittwater Road Manly

I know I know. Whitehouse Flowers is technically a florist and not a homewares store as such.

In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, you will know that a mega-trend in the homewares, giftware, and fashion industry is to incorporate nature back into our daily lives. 

But it is so good, and who doesn’t want a feature plant or two, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers for their home? This long standing, multi-award winning florist is worth the look. Trust me.

This long standing, multi-award winning florist is worth the look. Trust me.

14. Tabija Fashion Home

50 Pittwater Road, Manly

Tabija is a new startup business that has sourced its style from Indian origins. While there is a deity or two you can pick up, the store has some earthy baskets and rugs, throws, tableware. 

I always love a start up, and I think you will be pleased they did too. (Update July 17 - I saw closing down signs in their windows! Oh Dear. You better get in quick if you want to catch them).

15. The Plant Room

57 Pittwater Road, Manly

A homewares and furniture store first, that also has plants. 

That's a no-brainer for me because I love plants. I have two pot plants (no, there are not named) that I have had them for longer than I have known my husband... And that's coming up to the 'pretty long time' territory. Anyway, I digress. 

Emma McPherson has effortlessly thrown together a super cool homeware and plant store that lends itself to that clean lines, natural wood semi-Scandi and retro feel that we love in Manly! And it's all light and crisp.

I do love it!

16. Ingrid & Sooshii

143 Pittwater Rd, Manly NSW

Small (ish) store, BIG impact! Ingrid & Sooshii lets you know up front that they are for those with eclectic tastes in home décor. For those who are interested in a Bohemian style interior design for your home, then look no further than here!

Another cool thing about this store is that you can also find specially crafted one-of-a-kind items to place in various rooms around your home that will add an extra creative punch to your lovely home. My kids are a little tired of me going in here; I usually leave them outside to wait, and I have to look each time we go past because it's always a little different. It is worth strolling the block or two up there.

17. Stuart Blinds

181 Pittwater Road, Manly

I don't know who Mr Stuart is, but his business namesake is a professional ‘what you see is what you get’ blinds and shutters centre with the ability to install, clean and repair your... er... blinds and shutters. 

I use them exclusively for repairs and cleaning, not because of their cheerful smile, mind you, but because they get the job done, and they know what they are talking about. You can get parts for blinds and curtains here that you can't get at Bunnings.

The workshop is also on site and on view to every man and his dog which, strangely, gives me comfort. Check it out as you walk by - fascinating!

A tip though, make sure you allow some wait time in your schedule if you intend to use their services. This business is very good, and therefore, very busy.

18. North Steyne Emporio

189 Pittwater Road, Manly

The Emporio is a firm favourite with the locals. It's the place you come to at the northern end of Manly for a smoothie, coffee, lasagne. Beautiful florist, beautiful, inspiring ‘showcase’ indoor plants and the odd giftware piece thrown in to boot.

It's not a homewares store per-se, BUT this is the point in the ‘walking tour’ where you may want to have a rest.  You need to decide if you will go down Pittwater Road towards a couple of other homeware gems or return to the heart of Manly along the beachfront, or retrace your steps and buy that little thing you saw.

Keep Going? Good on you! Now follow the road to the roundabout and turn right, and cross over the Manly Lagoon bridge.

19. Apostlebird

367a Pittwater Rd Nth Manly

Just past the Lagoon bridge on the left-hand side is an unassuming ‘shed’ full of interesting vintage wares with a little bit of a macabre country living theme in it.

This store is where you source Original goods with a capital "O". (Or perhaps the "O" stands for Oddities, which is actually a section of her website shop you can browse).

Don’t get me wrong; this showroom will blow you away with its uniqueness and diversity. Fancy a French Foreign Legion hat for your study? Then look no further. Need a vintage pig motif BBQ bucket? You've come to the right place.

This store is also on the radar of film and stage prop sourcing, and the owner regularly visits the USA to source authentic pieces. 

Visit the store, and you be the judge.  (Let me know what you think!)

20. Mosarte

390 Pittwater Road North Manly

I wandered in here with (you guessed it) the kids when they were opening at Christmas time and was excited to see some gardening representation in Manly again. We are all so focused on nature and outdoors that it seemed obvious to me that we needed such a store.

Anyway, pop in and take a look at their wall art, their succulent range and their indoor/ outdoor cushions (multi-purposing in a unit is a great space saver). They also have gifts and garden consultations.

21. 414 Interiors (Vintage and Custom)

414 Pittwater Rd, North Manly

414 Interiors is a great store if you are looking for bespoke pieces at reasonable prices. The store is a co-op of local creative businesses that run the store and display their wares here. Drop in and talk about getting something made if you haven't already found it.

There is a large variety from a furniture upholsterer, with drawers, chairs, side table lights and vintage on sale. 

22. Colours of Mexico (formerly Hammock Heaven)

398 Pittwater Road, North Manly

Formerly known as Hammock Heaven, I think the new name is a better representation, and they are now all things South American! 

The store does promote its specially hand woven hammocks from Ecuador. However, they also provide Mexican tin art, Oil Cloth (Mexican fabric) by the metre, blankets and floor rugs for inside your home as well. The blankets are suitable for outside purposes or bed linen inside too. 

If you’re looking to add a bit of Latin flair to your home, then this would be a good place to start. And really, what home doesn’t need a sombrero?

You made it!

I recommend walking back on the northern side of the lagoon, and then back along the beach. I suggest you take a very peaceful, unused, non-touristy path to Bridge Road. Simply walk down Aitken Avenue and keep walking down the nature reserve. You can make it all the way to the road without getting wet. 

Directions, of course, are on the map, which you can get here. And keep in mind that we update this list as regularly as we visit and notice the change. The map leaves you at North Steyne Surf Club, where you can visit local restaurants for refreshments, or keep walking back to the wharf for a very healthy 7 kilometres!!

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PS. If you know of any Manly Homewares stores gems, please let me and the readers know via the comments below. Thanks!