Bamboo bed sheets to help you sleep through the hot and humid summer.

Summer is coming and we know a way to improve your night's sleep.

Known for their moisture wicking and thermal regulating properties, these organic bamboo sheets are particularly popular with those who live in the warmer areas of Australia. They will keep you comfortable throughout the hot and humid summer. 

These heavenly soft bamboo bed sheets are cool, light and supple. Bamboo's antibacterial properties are also comforting for those with sensitive skin. 

We think these sheets are particularly effective because they are 100% Organic Bamboo Fibre, 300 TC, not a blend.

The bamboo is from wild crops organically grown, and our sheet are manufactured with less chemicals than the current internationally accepted standards.

We offer free shipping via Australia Post, dispatched within 2 business days of order, and we provide a 60 day returns policy.