How to get away with not ironing your bedsheets

Ten years ago I was at a dinner party and the topic turned to bed sheets. 

Most of the women at the dinner had 1000 thread count cotton sheets; probably a sign of the times in the naughties. I was amazed that some ladies ironed their sheets. Some ironed pillows and top sheets only, some ironed the whole lot after they finished their underwear...

At some stage in your twenties you grow up, but being the late bloomer as I was, I was just happy to not be living out of a back pack in the middle of the bush somewhere. Six months on the road gets to you after a while.

So, why do we iron sheets?

  • Presentation: crisp luxurious bed linen does sometimes deserve to be presented at its best
  • Feel: you know that feeling of slipping into sheets that are freshly "washed and pressed"?. Its that last bit that compels the iron, or the stay at the local hotel.
  • Nostalgia: There are a many ladies around the internet fondly remembering their mothers fabulous household operations. 
  • Enjoyment: Are there really people out there who enjoy ironing?

How to get away without ironing

I'm going to go out on a limb here and confess that even with wide spread peer pressure regarding ironing of undies and linen, it will be a very cold day in Vegas before I iron my bed sheets.

But if you are like me, and like to have a well-presented space where you spend a third of your life, you might want to try the following tips.

  • Don't jam-pack your sheets into the wash. Give them some cleaning room. 
  • Hang the sheets on the line in half, from the outside edges (not near the crease), so if you do go to iron, you only need to iron out the peg creases at the edges.
  • Tumble dry a couple of bed sheets at a time on a cool setting, remove and fold immediately, or place back on bed.
  • Get your sheets laundered.
  • Iron sheets when they are on the bed.
  • Buy textured bed linen (which is my personal trick), such as in the illustration attached, or our stonewashed linen series.
  • Only iron the areas of sheets and pillowcases that can be seen.

Finally, if you have any friends with sheet ironing obsession, perhaps you should let it slip, if you dare, at the next dinner party that you are in need of a good ironer.