Are you living the lifestyle of health and sustainability?

LOHAS is a term coined to describe a group of consumers who follow a "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability". They make educated decisions particularly in the health and fitness aspects of their lives, and make more informed choices on the products and services they buy.

These consumers are at the forefront of progressive change in environmental, social and economic sectors. But the passion and general definition of sustainability has changed in the past 10 years. 

There remains a ground swell of people who are passionate about the environment, but sadly the "environmentally friendly" marketing card has been played to death. Consumers are keen to be environmentally conscious, but will 'opt out' if the choice is considered too financially onerous. These consumers are also educated, and evidence is really needed to justify these claims. 

In 2015 just 13% of Australian adult consumers said they would pay more for environmentally friendly products and services, down from 50% in 2007. But, 57% believe it is 'very important' for retailers to stock and sell products that have credible eco-labels.

What can we, the retailer, do to be more sustainable?

We need to respond by providing credible sustainable products that also present value for money. We should also look to influence the environment in other, more holistic ways such as directly contributing to the community, or promoting business rather than just contributing financial aid.

Bedloves bamboo bed sheets are certified organic, and has an Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification. Our linen collection is also certified. We concentrate on the sustainability of the community by supporting small business. We collaborate with like minded people who choose to incorporate sustainability in their lives.

Bedsheets are certified by Okeo-Tex Standard 100

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