5 things to consider when choosing a bed size

If you have a new home, are looking to renovate your bedroom, or simply thinking about buying a new bed, keep these five things in mind when you are choosing your bed size.

1. How many of you are sleeping there?

In a country with wide open spaces and vast oceans at our door step, we have been lulled into thinking that bigger is better.

If there is just little old you in your bed on a nightly basis right now, consider a double or queen size bed. 

If it is you and your better half, do you really need a king size bed?

2. What size is your bedroom?

For ease of getting around the bed, especially the main bedroom in a young family home (where there can be a lot more traffic than in other homes), you should have at a minimum 75 cm around each side, and about 100 cm at the foot of the bed.

This amount of space will make sure the bed doesn't swamp the bedroom. It allows you to buy some decent storage space in your bed side tables (should you so desire). It also makes getting around the bed, and the kids and the dog and the washing just that little bit easier too.

It also makes getting around the bed, and the kids and the dog and the washing late at night in the dark just that little bit easier too.

3. How is your bedroom configured?

Stop and think, would the new bed fit between the door near the middle of the wall, or in the corner, across from the wardrobe? Will the bed and frame fit under the window?

The bedroom configuration matters because you need the bedroom to function well, without compromising on comfort.

Keep in mind potential doors hitting beds or bedside tables.

Also, consider how a narrow walkway will affect your day to day traffic flow.

For young singles, a double sized bed pushed up against the wall wouldn't get a second thought. But for use mature bed lovers, we really need our own bed access and exit; down both sides of the bed.

4. What was wrong with the current sized bed?

Is the size of the bed wrong, or did you just think a bigger would be better?

Or is it that the mattress is just not working for you and your better half any more?

Think about keeping the same bed size but upgrade the quality of the bed or mattress. Not only will you save money when purchasing the bed, as an added bonus you will, over the years, save money by not needing to repurchase all new linen, or pay the additional cost of larger sized linen.

Keep in mind too that larger linen will work on a smaller bed, but you simply can't fit queen sheets on a king size bed!

5. Australian bed sizes

Folowing are the typical Australian bed and mattress sizes. If you have a bed frame, you may  need to add 2 - 5 cm on each side (ie measure the thickness of the frame and double it).
Bed Type Metric Measurements (cm) Imperial Measurements
Double Size 137 cm x 187 cm 4'6" x 6'2" (54"x 74")
Queen Size 153 cm x 203 cm 5'0" x 6'8" (60"x 80")
King Size 183 cm x 203 cm 6'0" x 6'8" (72" x 80")
Super King Size 203ccm x 203 cm 6'8" x 6'8" (80" x 80")