9 best ways to make a bedroom more romantic

Valentines Day is less than a month away, but you don’t need a greeting card expose day to help you make a little romance in the bedroom. Check out our 9 tips to make your bedroom more romantic; with minimal spend.

I’ve steered away from petals or lingerie. Both are nice, but I would hope you have those things covered.

Tip 1: Clean your room

Sorry, what a let down! But make no mistake, the easiest and fastest way to spruce up the bedroom for a little romance is to… actually spruce up the bedroom!

Try to tame the clutter and the dirt rather than just hide it. You will also get a psychological lift if you know the clean and tidy look isn’t just a façade. Why put yourself under the pressure of a mess hiding in the wardrobe ready to kill the mood if there is one false move!

Why put yourself under the pressure of a mess hiding in the wardrobe ready to kill the mood if there is one false move!

(Gents, a little side note for you. If you clean ANYTHING, and do it properly, for your long term lady, then you will up your lucky points quite quickly.)

For tips on how to get your bedroom clean FAST, check out our blog here.

Tip 2: Make sure your bedding is clean

Yes, of course, your bedding is clean. This tip is for the other folks reading this blog!!

In the UK, it has been found that 1 in 20 wash their sheets once a month. Another survey showed guys aged 18-25 did their sheets every 3 months.

Really, you should be washing them every 1 to 2 weeks.

Clean sheets will feel good on your skin, and make you feel good inside. We all know what happens to romance when we are feeling good inside and out!

Tip 3: Easy on the bed accessories

I’m probably going to be most interior designers' worst nightmare here. Colours and layers for pillows and cushions and throws can look great…. in magazines.

When it comes to bed time, you don’t want to have to unpack an Adairs store just to get down to ‘it’.

And I always wonder; where does one put all of those accessories that one isn't using? All over the floor as booby traps for late night bathroom runs? Not very romantic people.

At least consider paring back the accessories. Two pillows each and two ‘show’ cushions should do it.

Tip 4: Make sure your bedding is luxurious

Just because you can’t have your bed overflowing with accessories doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the quality.

In fact if you think about the amount of time you spend in bed, why on earth would you want to?

Natural fibres in quality manufactured products work well. Of course, I’m a little biased and believe 100% Linen and Organic Bamboo are the best.

Other luxurious natural fibres would include wool, furs (if you are into that), leather and cotton.

Tip 5: Curtains and drapes

Blackout curtains help make it cosy and warm when its cold, and can help you have a snoozy day all day, or at least well into the morning when the sun is at its cruellest outside.

Drapes (or privacy blinds) are helpful to keep your private parts er… private. They also give you a little bit of leeway to hiding wobbly bits in the harsh light of day, without compromising on being able to see. Which brings us to the next point.

Tip 6: Good lighting

No matter how body comfortable you are, everybody would always like to look their best. Soft warm light is the most flattering.

Professionals recommend soft recessed lighting that can be dimmed. Changing the wiring may be a bit too much for the Romeo in you, but perhaps you can check what wattage your main light has? Do you want to change it to a pearl?

If the main light needs to be high in the wattage, a bedside lamp, or a candle or two are the next best thing. Candle light and dancing shadows are always good for ones’ ego.

Tip 7: Smell sweet

I love the smell of summer, of cut grass, of vanilla and frangipani. I don’t love the smell of stale sheets, dank bedrooms, old carpets or smelly sneakers.

So why not add a candle to the bedside table? (Get the sneakers out of the bedroom if they smell people.)

Candles look good lit, they look good waiting to be lit, and most of them smell beautiful.

Check out some of the candles we have with beautiful summer scents here.

Tip 8: Electronic Free Zone

This is a little difficult for me to advocate, as I charge my phone on the bedside table and use it as my alarm clock. However it is about reserving the bedroom for its primary function (sleeping people, lets keep it clean!).

Watching TV in bed is not very romantic. Period. Im not going to mention gaming.

Studies have proven that the light from electronic devices can interrupt your sleeping patterns. I can tell you by experience, Facebook in the middle of the night is dangerous people.

If you must have your bedroom double up on its functions, then consider having the ability to hide the devices when not in use.

Pop the laptop in a drawer, hide the TV in a cabinet, and most of all, hide all of those electronic cables!

Tip 9: Chore Free Zone

If the first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom are the baskets of washing (clean or dirty) and ironing, or a pile of Uni reading then fix it. Even if it is only for a day or two.

Can you set aside a shelf or two in your wardrobe?

Can you get the kids to put away the washing before dessert?

Can you erect a screen between you and your home office? You get the idea.

Chores can put a dampener on any mood, let alone those on the amorous side.

(Gents, remember the cleaning you were going to do? Completed repetitive chores are right up there for points too.)

Well that is all of the tips from me.

Whatever you do this Valentines Day, take some time to prepare. Be inventive, be industrious, be romantic, and hopefully be LUCKY!!

The 9 best ways to make your bedroom more romantic